Sah & Wil’s kitsch, 50s, comic book & collectables inspired wedding was snapped up by Rock n Roll Bride.

“We both love everything vintage and retro, particularly 1950s Americana and tiki, so that was a big inspiration”, said Sah. “Our flat is crammed full of retro toys, comics and collectables. It also goes without saying that Rock n Roll Bride Magazine was an endless source of inspiration! Particularly when it came to décor and anything visual. We had a mish mash of pink, glitter, leopard print, My Little Ponies, Americana and the 1950s. Right from the beginning I wanted all the colours, lots of pink but also all the other colours, bright and kitschy and clashy.”

“As huge comic book fans, Batman in particular, the fact that we arranged for the Dark Knight to marry us sets us apart from most people’s weddings. We did the legal bit at the registry office during the day, because we had to. But the evening ceremony was entirely written by us and was, to us, the real wedding!”

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